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About Rory Lawrence

Owner of RQL Productions & writer and director of “Between Calls”

After years of acting and performing in theatre and film, Rory decided to take a shot at directing. He chose the director’s path for two reasons. First, Rory noticed that several of the roles offered in his local area did not appeal to him. Second, Rory desired to experience fresh, contemporary theatrical shows that engaged a diverse crowd. Ultimately, these factors motivated Rory to put on his own show. At the time, Rory had no directing experience, yet he held a strong vision for what audiences would enjoy. His directing debut was a comedic, one -act show, and it was a hit. With time and experience, Rory went from directing plays such as Lorraine Hansberry’s classic, A Raisin in the Sun, and Reginald Rose’s, 12 Angry Men. After a few years of directing classic and contemporary plays, Rory decided to try his hand at writing. Until this point, Rory had only written short monologues and scenes. He decided it was time to write a full-blown stage play. Rory’s goal was to write a play that would literally have the audience laughing from beginning to end. He penned his first original work, Between Calls, which portrays the story of a group of co-workers at RL Components call center. With many years of call center experience, the content came easy for Rory. The characters and events are relatable and were inspired by real life. Opening weekend for Between Calls took place at the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts in June 2012 and every performance was a hit. This is a must-see stage play that will make you laugh out loud from start to finish. If you think what they say on the phone is bad, wait until you hear what they say BETWEEN CALLS!  

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